Things that Can Damage Your Liver, Pt. 2

Alcohol isn’t the only product in the world that can cause harm to your liver. Here are four more products that do more harm than good, some you may even be surprised to see on this list.

  1. While this drug is great for back pain, headaches, and the cold, too much of a good thing can be terrible for your body. Take medication as directed on the label or by your doctor, as exceeding the daily limit can create problems for your liver.
  2. Trans-fats. These are found in packaged foods and bakery items (labeled as partially hydrogenated). A diet that is high in trans-fats puts you at risk of gaining weight, which is bad for the liver. Check all ingredients; it’s possible that products with “0g” of trans-fat still contain trace amounts, which adds up over time.
  3. Medical mishaps. It’s possible for a nurse or doctor to accidentally get pricked by a used needle. People who use illegal drugs often share needles. It isn’t the needle itself, but rather what is on the needle that is the danger to your body. If it happens, even once, seek medical assistance immediately for testing.
  4. Very little alcohol. Many believe that in order for your liver to be negatively impacted by alcohol, you have to be an addict. Not true, as it’s easy to drink more than you think you do. Many glasses contain more than the standard serving – wine is 5 ounces, beer is 12 ounces, and liquor is 1.5 ounces. Moderation is one drink a day for females and up to 2 a day for males.