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Skincare Tips for Teens

Back to School Skincare Tips for Teens

As teens, we not only want to look great for our school photos, but we also want to look our best all school year long. During the summer, it’s easy to fall into a routine of forgetting to remove makeup before bedtime, failing to use moisturizer, and just not having an overall skincare routine. After […]

summer cold

Tips for Fighting a Summer Cold

Despite the warm weather outside, it’s possible for a virus to infect your respiratory tract. Colds come and go through every season, unfortunately. In the summertime, it can be difficult to distinguish whether you’re experiencing allergies or a summer cold. Allergies, however, usually present themselves with sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, and a watery runny […]

How to Help Calm Your Cough

Coughing occurs when something irritates your throat, which could be anything from dust to postnasal drip. Coughing, although aggravating, helps clear your lungs and throat. Some coughs, such as those that come from colds and the flu, will disappear eventually. Others, however, may be a sign of a serious medical condition and will need treatment […]

chicken soup for colds

Foods to Eat When You Have the Flu, Pt. 1

Have the flu? That’s unfortunate. It doesn’t have to be completely miserable, however, as there are certain foods that can soothe side effects while also helping boost your immune system. Here are five foods to try when you have the flu. These can soothe a sore throat, swollen throat, and a dry throat. They also […]

Things That Can Damage Your Liver, Pt. 2

Things that Can Damage Your Liver, Pt. 2 Alcohol isn’t the only product in the world that can cause harm to your liver. Here are four more products that do more harm than good, some you may even be surprised to see on this list. While this drug is great for back pain, headaches, and […]